How to contribute to the documentation?


This page is about contributing to the documentation of eScriptorium. To contribute to eScriptorium’s source code, see: contributing

The source code of this documentation is hosted on GitHub under an open license. It is accessible to anyone. It also means that anyone can suggest modifications.

These modification can be minor (you spot a missing s, a broken link, etc) or major (an information is out-dated, you want to add a whole new page, etc). Any reasonable modification is welcome, as long as it maintains this documentation up-to-date with the eScriptorium application.

Contributions can take two forms:

  1. If you’re not familiar with GitHub, you can simply open a ticket and both explain the problem and suggest a correction.

  2. Even better, you fork the repository, make the changes yourself and submit it as a Pull Request, still providing a reason for the change.

Before opening a ticket, make sure that it is not already handled by another issue or pull-request!

If you want to help us with already identified problems, you can also browse the issues tagged with “help wanted”.


When you contribute, feel free to add your name to the list of authors in the page’s metadata!