Projects, documents and document-parts

In eScriptorium, the data is organized inside projects which contain documents, which in turn contain document-parts.

  • A document-part is simply an image (a digitization) of a document: it can be the photography of a double page, a single page, or even cropped portion of such images. Sometimes it is called an “Element”.
  • A document is a collection of such images, similar to how you would organize a directory containing images on your file system.
  • Projects can be understood as one more level to gather documents (themselves groups of images), but they can be envisioned as workspaces for a group of users working for the same project. For example, tags are managed at project level, available for all the documents inside the given project.

Edition panels

The edition panels refer to the panels (5) available in the edition page. This page is accessed via the following URL: {base_url}/document/{doc_id}/part/{part_id}/edit/ (where base_url is the URL of the server where the application is deployed, doc_id the id of your document, and part_id the id of the document part being edited).

There are multiples was to access the edition page, for example:

  • from the document dashboard, by clicking on Edit last updated Element,
  • from a document’s Images page, by clicking on the “Edit” button on one of the thumbnails.

image: a screenshot of the Edit page with all the panels activated

There are 5 panels:

  1. Metadata (⌃Ctrl1), used for:

    • changing a document part’s metadata
  2. Source Image (⌃Ctrl2), used for:

  3. Segmentation (⌃Ctrl3), used for:

  4. Transcription (⌃Ctrl4), used for:

  5. Text (⌃Ctrl5), used for:


You can toggle as many panels as you want at once. It is not advised to have all of them active at the same time, though, because it limits the readability of the documents and you may unintentionally call some shortcuts.