eScriptorium is a web application offering a workspace to manage the various steps of a transcription campaign. These steps can involve manual or automatic processes and be applied to printed documents or handwritten ones. The application uses Kraken as a segmentation/transcription engine. Since its beginning in 2019, the SCRIPTA PSL research group is responsible for its creation and development.

You can find more information about eScriptorium and the context of its production in:

The goal of this documentation is to facilitate learning how to use the application as beginners or advanced users.

Quick start πŸš€

The Quick-start is intended as a tutorial to introduce completely new users to the basics of using eScriptorium. It should be envisioned as a gateway to the walkthrough section which is much more detailed.

Walkthrough 🚢🏽

Covering every features in an application like eScriptorium produces a long documentation, so we have broken it down into several pages in the “Walkthrough” section.

For example, Import data covers features related to importing images, transcriptions or models in the application. The Automatic prediction section covers features related to using models to predict the lay out (segmentation) or the transcription of a document.

For a more detailed index of the walkthrough section, see Walkthrough.

Terminology πŸ“‘

The Terminology section covers some definitions for special features or concepts relevant to HTR and/or eScriptorium.

FAQ πŸ€”

The FAQ section covers frequent questions around the application and the documentation.

Contribute 🀝

The contribute section provides you instructions on how to contribute to the current documentation.