Description of the walkthrough section

The documentation of the features available in eScriptorium is broken down into several sections which intend to form logical ensembles. If this is your first time on this documentation and if you have never used eScriptorium before, you should probably start with reading the “Quick Start” page.

If you are looking for the presentation of a specific feature, you can use the search engine of this website.

Below is a description of the content of each page of the walkthrough section:

  • Import data” explains how to import images, transcriptions and models into an eScriptorium project.
  • Automatic prediction” explains how to use Kraken in eScriptorium to predict the segmentation or the transcription of a page.
  • Manual segmentation” presents in detail the segmentation panel and details features related to this task.
  • Manual transcription” presents the transcription and the text panels and details features related to this task.
  • Manual annotation” presents features related to annotation of images and text in eScriptorium.
  • Virtual keyboard” explains how to set and use the Virtual Keyboard.
  • Train models” presents training features in eScriptorium.
  • Export data” explains how to export images, transcriptions and models from eScriptorium.
  • Collaborate with other users” introduces the features enabling collaboration in eScriptorium, such as sharing a project or a document with other users.
  • Search” explains how to activate and use the search feature in eScriptorium.
  • User-related features” presents features related to users in eScriptorium such as how to login, edit your profile or reset your password.
  • eScriptorium’s API” points to documentation on the API.
  • Administrators” lists pages available to administrators (like the back end or how to monitor usage of the server’s resources).